McLane Middleton’s intellectual property group works diligently with companies seeking assistance with managing and executing intellectual property strategies.

Our attorneys are licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and offer expertise on intellectual property development, protection, licensing, and litigation.

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Wright, Mark

Mark A. Wright
(603) 628-1311

Mark A. Wright
Mark is a Director and Chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group. Mark focuses his practice on counseling clients and assisting them in protecting their intellectual property rights in the United States and foreign countries. His experience spans a wide range of intellectual property areas, including domestic and international trademarks, development agreements and licensing of software, trade secrets, domain name disputes and other Internet-related issues, copyrights, confidentiality agreements and litigation related to intellectual property rights. Mark is recognized as a leading intellectual property attorney with an extensive practice representing regional, national and international businesses, with a particular focus in trademark matters.

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Haley, Dennis

Dennis J. Haley, Jr.
(603) 628-1412

Dennis J. Haley, Jr.
Dennis, a Director in the Manchester office, is a member of the firm’s corporate department. He advises clients with respect to all aspects of their business, including entity selection and formation, shareholder agreements, executive and employee compensation, debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, and intellectual property matters (including licensing).

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Walker, Jeremy

Jeremy T. Walker
(603) 628-1431

Jeremy T. Walker
Jeremy is a director in the Firm’s Litigation Department. He focuses his practice on business litigation, with a particular emphasis on intellectual property and construction litigation. Jeremy is a trial lawyer and has represented both large and small companies in the New Hampshire Superior Court, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the Federal District Courts and in arbitration proceedings. Jeremy is a member of the firm’s Management Committee and chairs the firm’s Hiring Committee.

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Rand, Scott

Scott C. Rand
(603) 628-1461

Scott C. Rand
Scott is a Senior Attorney in McLane’s Intellectual Property practice group where he focuses his practice on patent preparation and prosecution in a variety of areas including chemical, mechanical, software, internet, e-commerce, and medical device. Prior to entering private practice, Scott spent six years as a Patent Examiner in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Scott is involved with all phases of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law practice, including patent, trademark, and copyright preparation and prosecution, licensing and contract matters, patent opinion preparation, domain name disputes and other Internet-related issues, intellectual property counseling, and litigation relating to patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property matters.

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Casolaro, Nick

Nicholas F. Casolaro
(603) 628-1246

Nicholas F. Casolaro
Nick is an Associate in the Litigation Department where he assists clients with a wide variety of business and civil litigation matters. He was a summer associate with the firm in 2010 and joined the firm in September 2011.

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Yao, Catherine

Catherine S. Yao
(603) 628-1380

Catherine S. Yao
Cathi is an associate in the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, where she works to assist clients with all issues relating to the protection of their intellectual property.

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Jensen, Deborah

Deborah L. Jensen
(603) 628-1419

Deborah L. Jensen
Deborah is a certified Paralegal working within the Corporate Department. As a member of McLane’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, Deborah focuses on foreign trademark and patent matters. Under the supervision of McLane’s intellectual property attorneys, Deborah provides direct support to clients, assisting with application and registration maintenance filing requirements, website review, and proper trademark usage; performs in-house screening searches; prepares trademark and patent electronic filings; conducts domain name and IP title searches; and works directly with foreign agents to assist in international and patent trademark filings. In addition, Deborah is responsible for maintaining the trademark and patent dockets.

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